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All of Mississippi’s U.S. House members are being challenged in party primaries this year, and Rep. Steven Palazzo has the largest number of opponents.  Six candidates are trying to unseat Palazzo in the Republican primary in south Mississippi’s 4th District, which he won the seat in 2010.

Tuesday was the deadline for candidates to qualify for Mississippi’s U.S. House races.  The state does not have a Senate race this year.

Democratic and Republican primaries are June 7, with runoffs June 28. The general election is Nov. 8.

These are the candidates, according to the secretary of state’s office:

1st District — North Mississippi:

Democrats: Hunter Avery and Dianne Black.  Republicans: Trent Kelly (incumbent) and Mark D. Strauss.

2nd District — The Delta, most of Jackson, areas along the Mississippi River:

Democrats: Jerry Kerner and Bennie G. Thompson (incumbent).  Republicans: Michael Carson, Brian Flowers, Ronald Eller and Stanford Johnson.

3rd District — Central Mississippi:

Democrats: Rahim Talley and Shuwaski A. Young.  Republicans: Michael Cassidy, Michael Guest (incumbent) and Thomas Griffin.

4th District — South Mississippi:

Democrats: Johnny L. DuPree and David Sellers.  Republicans: Carl Boyanton, Raymond N. Brooks, Mike Ezell, Steven Palazzo (incumbent), Kidron Peterson, Clay Wagner and Brice Wiggins.

Saturday afternoon, Kerner was rejected certification by the Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Committee.

(Associated Press contributed to the report)