by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

After another week of jail without bond at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center, the Ross spouses came to the Pass Christian Municipal Court Wednesday afternoon, March 24, 2022.
“You told me that you would have a lawyer last week,” stated Pass Christian Municipal Court Judge Lewie “Skip” Negrotto, addressing the animal abuse suspects.  “If you can post bond, do you have a place to go because you’re not going back to that house.”
Richard Ross expressed the couple did have a place to stay; not the house, and he would have cash for the bond at an ATM machine right across the street from the prison.
Both Richard and his spouse; Ethel, were charged with 70 counts of abuse to animals and one count of having a vulnerable adult living in the house with them.  The special needs adult is Ross’ daughter.
On March 10, 2022; the Pass Christian Police Department, along with assistance of Animal Control Officers from the Pass Christian Fire Department,  Long Beach Police Department, Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and the Humane Society of South Mississippi seized 70 animals from their residence in the city.
Following Richard Ross’ explanation, Negrotto ruled to release on recognizance (ROR) for $800 to be cashed to the bondsman or court by Friday, March 25.  Additionally, the Pass Christian Municipal Judge appointed Owen McNally to defend the suspects for the April 6 trial date.
McNally; an attorney from Long Beach, was presented a copy of the Ross’ file.
“We can arrange for you to get your things out of the house,” conveyed Negrotto.  “You’re not moving furniture out of there, so you should not be in there longer than 30 minutes.  The Pass Christian Police Department will be present when you get your things out of the house.”
The trial date has been set at the Pass Christian Municipal Court for 1:30pm.