by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

For the first time of 2022, a few department heads in the city of Long Beach spoke out about concerns with a few proposals at last Tuesday’s meeting on February 1.

After an initial discussion was made about a lease proposal for the Girl’s Softball League by member; Danny Davis, Long Beach Recreation Director Bob Paul had an opposing position to this measure.

“He asked me about the proposed contract and I told him that I had not seen it yet,” expressed 17-year director Paul.  “When we do tournaments at the softball fields, we do not get any benefits.  99% of the people I talk to and interviewed stayed in Gulfport.  Unfortunately, that was the information that I found out and unless we get more places to stay in this city, there is no real economic impact.”

In discussion about tournaments for the softball league, Paul stated “The league’s put tournaments on, not the city and I encourage them to have them and get money back in concessions or gate fees to help build their leagues or equipment, but as far as upgrading the facilities, that is money from the city.”

Following the deliberation, a consensus of the Board of Aldermen chose to direct the city attorney, the recreation director and members of the softball league to talk about entering a lease.

One of the first items mentioned was about the Long Beach School Board appointment, which the  Board of Alderman decided to schedule an interview session for the nine candidates on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Later, Long Beach City Attorney Steve Simpson advised the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen that the meeting was to be recessed instead of adjourned because the school board appointment was required to be made at the first meeting of February by state statute.

Then, Long Beach Fire Chief Griff Skellie spoke about mold and mildew issues in Fire Station #3 on Johnson Road adjacent to Beatline Road.  After hearing these concerns, the board unanimously authorized Skellie to make proper living arrangements for firemen assigned to this station; including procuring a temporary trailer and contacting a mold remediation specialist to provide a recommendation to remove and prevent the growth.

Mayor George Bass brought up a recent issue about “No Loitering” signs recently placed at the Long Beach Harbor.  Bass conveyed that each sign was in place prior to Hurricane Zeta and was being replaced.

Long Beach Police Chief Billy Seal followed Bass by explaining the signs weren’t there prohibiting people from interacting socially at the harbor, but the police department could remove bad behavior according to the city ordinance.

Finally for the fifth year, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen unanimously contracted with The Gazebo Gazette to provide all weekly advertisements, legal & public notices, and city records for publication in the newspaper.