Gazebo Gazette

Our Lady Academy’s Campus Ministry Club and Julie Cranford’s Anatomy class hosted a charity drive for women who depend on assistance from St. Gerard to help clothe, feed and provide general items to care for their babies.

The gift table overflowed with clothes from new-born to 24 months, all donated by the student body and their families. Bundles of diapers, baby food, bottles, booties, and toys were other needed items donated to this worthy cause.

OLA Senior and Campus Ministry Member, Natalie Klein commented, “Our community service events are just one of the many things OLA strives to incorporate into our lives now and in our future. We’ve hosted many crusades for those less fortunate in our community, but of all the drives, the baby and homeless ones seem to have the most participation and success.” 

St. Gerard is a pregnancy care center that offers pregnancy testing, counseling and guidance.  Counselors develop a plan for each mother or expectant mother to include steps to alter and improve their situation.

The primary focus and goal are to promote human dignity through increased responsibility and self-sufficiency. St. Gerard depends heavily on donations from local businesses, charitable organizations, churches, and schools. 

St. Gerard services areas in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson counties. For more information or donations, contact 228-467-2600.