by Carolyn Ishee, Contributing Writer

Patrick “Wolf” Walker, founder of Gone Fishing Ministries in Pass Christian, was honored Wednesday night as Outstanding Citizen of 2022 by the Rotary Club of Pass Christian.

Rotarian Trey Campbell introduced Walker as a Little League Volunteer Coach for many years and is an Army veteran.  The presentation was the culmination of an evening meeting of the club at Pass Christian Yacht Club.

In addition to the award, other Pass Christian residents were also honored.

Mayor Rotarian Jimmy Rafferty announced Chief Daren Freeman as City Employee of the Year, and Rotarian Dr. Carla Evers, superintendent of the Pass Christian School District announced that Mrs. Launa Murray has been named Teacher of the Year.  Murray has taught at Pass High for 21 years.

Current Rotary club president Jeffery Taylor reviewed the past year’s accomplishments of the club including the 97th Doll and Toy Fund, scholarships for high school seniors, dictionaries for all third graders in Pass Christian schools, support of the Goodwill Baptist Church’s Gone Fishing Ministries, drones and cameras for the Pass Christian Police Department, hurricane disaster relief, water supplies to Jackson (led by Ollie Bailey) after the ice storm, support of Rachel’s Challenge to stop bullying and suicides by young people, and the annual Paddle the Bay fundraiser.

Shaninun Pittman, past president of Pass Christian Main Street, introduced Anita Giana as incoming President and Thomas Phares as Vice President.

Other board members in attendance were introduced including Secretary Robin Rafferty, Treasurer Mary Bourdin, City Representative Susan Putnam and City Alderman Betty Sparkman.

(Photos by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher/The Gazebo Gazette via Associated Press)