by Calvin Ishee, Associate Publisher

After years of ongoing citizen complaints about the never ending flooding problems on Lynn Circle, at a special meeting held on Monday, January 10, 2022, the Board of Alderman approved $288,551 to finally fix the problem.
Approximately 20 residents that live on or around Lynn Circle rejoiced when the Board voted unanimously to approve the repaving project. Funding for this project came from the Modern Infrastructure Tax Fund (MIFT) which involves money generated from the internet sales tax.
One unnamed resident proclaimed, “This has been a project long coming and we want to finalize this so within six months we’ll have what everyone else in the city has, and so we just want to move forward.”
As previously reported the initial cost estimate to make repairs to Lynn Circle were $40,000. However due to the Board’s insistence that an engineering firm review the specific needs to create a permanent fix to the problem, the costs grew exponentially to almost $300,000.
According to a cost breakdown provided by the City, engineering fees were $52,352.50 and construction fees were $236,159.
The same document noted that with the Fiscal Year 2022 projection of $461,303.21 in MIFT revenue available for the entire year, only $172,791.71 will be available to spend on repaving projects for the entire City for the rest of the fiscal year.
Ward 3 Alderman Kirk Kimball made it a point of mentioning that the projected amount of $461,303.21 was simply an estimate of potential income and does not necessarily reflect the precise amount of money that is yet to be given to the City.
Mayor Jimmy Rafferty stated that he would like input from all of the Board members regarding potential future paving projects for their ward. The plan is to evaluate and then prioritize funding for other paving needs throughout the City.