Gazebo Gazette

Born and raised in Los Angeles until age 14, Janice Anderson and her family moved to the Pass in 1978.

Raised by foster mother, Myrtle Anderson-Barnes, Janice and her twin brother, Joseph, attended Pass High.

As an active student she was a member of the Flag Corps, FHA, Student Council, Drama Club and homeroom president.

Ready to make her mark on the world, initially her goal was to join the Air Force, however, after completing all testing, she was faced with a six-month waiting list before she could become a soldier.

In contrast to the Air Force, the Marines uniforms appealed to her and a waiting list was non-existence.  Within an hour of entering the recruiter’s office she was tested, accepted and given a date to start her military career.

In June of 1982, only two days after graduating from high school, Janice found herself at MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina for 13 weeks of basic training. After completing, what many considered the toughest basic training program, she found herself back in California.

In the Mohave desert, Private First-Class Anderson was trained as a Communication Center Operator (2542).

The Marine Corps is a small entity somewhat like Pass Christian where the community is close knit.

In October of 1983 a suicide bomber invaded the barracks in Lebanon, Beirut where many of her classmates loss their lives in what is considered the largest loss of life in a single day for the Marine Corps since WWII.

This incident affected Janice and it is when she decided that this would not be a life-long career.

Her three-year tour took her to 29 Palms California; Jacksonville, North Carolina; Iwakuni, Japan; and Camp Pendleton, California.   

Serving honorably, she was discharged in June 1985. Upon her leaving the Marines, Janice has become a devoted mother of two and grandmother of four.

She has a strong sense of community by becoming an advocate of the Foster Care System.

Using military benefits, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University, and MBA from WGU.

Residing outside of Atlanta, she is currently an author, small business owner, and currently looking forward to retirement from Georgia government.