by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

The newspaper has learned quite a bit from the newspaper industry in the lengthy amount of time being involved and there is one certainty that remains the same:  TELL THE TRUTH.  This may seem simple from a general perspective, but feelings, emotions, and true humanity affects the outcome.

The general public wants you to be kind, respectful, generous, and understanding of their situation, but this doesn’t always coincide with accuracy and the inevitability of the truth.

One of the greatest excitements about the media as a whole is witnessing events firsthand, but this matter is also the greatest downfall.

Crime, corruption and lies are always going to be a part of life, the goal among the fourth estate is to not let these enter and put the information out there.

Truth can be misconstrued or not discussed enough and as a newspaper of record in the second largest county in the state, it will always be the responsibility of this paper to provide the accuracy of everything that happens in our local public meetings.  False context or innuendo claims are made from individuals that don’t like the truth to be displayed.

With every single story that goes into the paper or online, there is a lengthy process to go through.

If the story is one that will affect the local community directly, multiple sources are cited or quoted while providing extensive research.

The staff then reviews and evaluates each article to erase any form of editorial light or inaccurate language.

Secondly, the newspaper does not issue corrections unless there is legal inaccuracy, but with the process our staff goes through to write each and every article, the interpretation is the only potential inaccuracy.

If someone wants more information included in any article, this individual or group needs to provide anything before any story is published.

Subsequently, the goal of the independent newspaper staff is to produce as much information as possible in Harrison County while maintaining the whole truth.