by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

There are a quite a few reasons to celebrate thanks for our community, state, and nation as opposed to thoughts and rhetoric that are posted throughout the media.  Let’s take a look at our community and the reasons to be thankful.

For the last decade, our school systems in West Harrison County and the rest of the Mississippi Gulf Coast has been ranked as one of the best in the state and country.  The image of Pass Christian, Long Beach and West Harrison County is blossoming as a community to build a family regardless of income.

Secondly, our downtown area is developing with new restaurants, a few boutique shops, jewelry stores, coffee shops, great libraries, weekly farmers markets, and fantastic harbors.

Finally, our city governments have established several great community departments, such as the Public Works, Recreation, and the City Planning that provide maintenance when needed, community extracurricular activities, and set our building standards to help protect our citizens.

Weekly activities that are set by the Public Library, Historic Society, and Churches are second to none.  The state lottery is here now, which can benefit our infrastructure and hopefully with enough money, our schools. All of these entities and the ones that were not mentioned in the community deserve thanks for bringing the great blessings to live in  West Harrison County.

National and state-wide events have recently brought a little shift in the holiday season.  The recent federal government concerns plus the rise of Mississippi’s taxes in certain locations can cause hardships.  Additionally, the recent election has a divided front in parts of the state, but these concerns should not take away  our reasons to be thankful.

Our foundation as a nation, a state, and a community is built on the fact that we do things for each other.  The West Harrison (Pass Christian, Long Beach, and Gulfport) community are symbols for what we should be thankful for. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving and a great holiday season.