Gazebo Gazette

Our Lady Academy (OLA) Youth Legislature delegation represented by Alexandra Bujan, Karlie Dunn, Alyssa Fayard, Anne Pierson Kane, Amelia McCall, Jaqueline Mossy, and Olivia Tartavoulle attended the conference held at the State Capital to experience the political process of signing a bill into law. 

OLA delegates were recognized for their outstanding performance at the conference. Olivia Tartavoulle was elected Lieutenant Governor and awarded Outstanding Representative and Alexandra Bujan was elected Senate Majority Leader for the 2022 Youth Legislature Conference. Alyssa Fayard presided as Speaker of the House and Karlie Dunn served as President Pro Tem.

Senior Karlie Dunn commented, “I have been an active member of the OLA Youth Leg team, under the guidance of our History and Government teacher Mrs. Elise Cuevas, since I was in 8th grade. The moment I stepped into the chambers at my first conference, I was enamored by the entire legislative process. Since then, I have been engaged in every conference and have learned so much about our government policies and procedures. When Mr. Christopher Lay, head of the conference, gave his final remarks, sadly, I realized then that this was the last time I would be a part of this phenomenal government platform. I strongly recommend every high school student interested in governmental affairs to become a member of their school Youth Leg Program.” 

The Mississippi Youth Legislature conducts a mock legislative session wherein the students present their bills in hopes of having it signed into law. As in the official Legislature process, the bill must be passed by both chambers of congress, before making it to the Youth Governor’s desk.