Gazebo Gazette

Orlando Carter of Long Beach, MS, pled guilty late last week to one count of Sexual Battery and one count of Forcible Sexual Intercourse before Circuit Judge Christopher Schmidt at the Harrison County Courthouse, in Gulfport, MS. Judge Schmidt sentenced the defendant to serve 30 years day-for-day as a habitual offender.

Additionally, Judge Schmidt ordered that the 30-year sentence will run consecutive to a 19 years sentence the defendant is serving on a Burglary of a Dwelling case, for a total sentence of 49 years in the  custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. 

The investigation into the sexual battery began on the night of March 3, 2019, when the victim reported to the Long Beach Police Department that she had been grabbed outside of her apartment and sexually assaulted in Biloxi, MS. The victim advised police that she was putting her 4-month-old son into her vehicle when the suspect approached her and pointed a black handgun at her.

After the suspect threatened her, demanded money, and ordered her to drive to an ATM where she was forced to withdraw money.  Following the incident, the suspect ordered her to drive to a beachfront motel in Biloxi where he sexually assaulted her and had her drop him off near her residence. 

An investigation into the forcible sexual intercourse began on March 5, 2019, when that victim reported to the Long Beach Police Department that she had been sexually assaulted in her residence.

The victim was legally blind and lived in the same apartment complex as the first victim. The second victim reported that the suspect knocked on her door and asked to use her phone. Once the suspect used her phone, he pointed a black handgun at her and demanded money.

Afterwards, the suspect threatened her and then sexually assaulted her in her residence. 

Both the Long Beach Police Department and the Biloxi Police Department coordinated their investigations into the crimes, which subsequently focused on the defendant.

“The defendant was developed as a suspect based on the description provided by the first victim, including distinguishing marks such as tattoos and a deformity in the suspect’s arm and hand.  DNA testing conducted by the Mississippi Forensics Laboratory confirmed Carter as the Suspect,” said Assistant District Attorney Billy  Stage, who prosecuted the case with Assistant District Attorney Patricia Simpson.  

“We commend the Long Beach Police Department and the Biloxi Police Department in working  together in their investigations to identify and apprehend this dangerous criminal. There is no amount of  incarceration that will give back to the victims that which was taken, but we hope that the 30 years day for-day sentence that does not begin until he finishes a 19-year sentence, will bring some closure and security to the victims and the community, ” said District Attorney W. Crosby Parker.