Gazebo Gazette

Monday morning, October 25, District 52 State Senator Brice Wiggins (R-Pascagoula) announced his campaign for Congress in Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District in the 2022 midterm elections.

A former prosecutor and current Chairman of the Senate Judiciary A Committee for nearly a decade, Wiggins has entered into a field with fellow Republicans Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell, Carl Boyanton, Raymond Brooks, Louis Cook and Clay Wagner while Independent Jesse Hudson and Libertarian Alden Johnson have also entered their candidacy.

The Democratic Party has only had one candidate to enter the race; David Seller.

The current incumbent is U.S. Representative Steven Palazzo (R-MS) has indicated he will seek re-election but because of Congressional inquiries about the use of campaign funds, several challengers have emerged.

Until 2010, the 4th Congressional Seat was controlled by the Democratic Party, even though 20+ year incumbent Gene Taylor did not side with his party’s national agenda.

Former Representative Taylor was defeated by Palazzo in the 2010 midterm election.

“People are sick and tired of the self-dealing and self-interest of many of the politicians we see. We see it too much nationally and in our own backyard,” said Wiggins. “People want someone who puts them first and gets things done for south Mississippi.”

Wiggins has broke party ranks in the past history for criticizing federal pardons, openly challenging former President Donald J. Trump on his pardoning spree in late 2020 calling this “a smack of cronyism and political favors.”

“I didn’t run for state Senate to get rich. In fact, Heather and I cut our family income in half to do so, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make. I ran with a genuine desire to fight to improve the lives and future of all Mississippians,” says Wiggins. “I have strengthened child abuse laws, kept millions of BP dollars in south Mississippi, created a Top 5, nationally ranked early education program and, with the DMR Accountability and Transparency Act, cleaned up the Department of Marine Resources.”

Some of the issues on which Wiggins has published position statements are available on his website here.  In Wiggins campaign press release, these statements include a push for Congress to spend less instead of charging taxpayers more, protecting fundamental rights such as the 2nd Amendment, correcting the foreign policies of the current administration, forcing Congress to address immigration policy instead of looking the other way and ensuring the safety of citizens through a robust yet efficient military.

“I have been honored to serve the great people of Jackson County and the interests of South Mississippi for the past 10 years as a state Senator. During that time, as a Senate leader working with state-wide and other legislative leaders, Republicans gained a super-majority in the legislature and South Mississippi has seen its influence grow. As a Congressman, I’ll have an even larger platform to make a difference for all south Mississippians,” says Wiggins.