by Calvin Ishee, Associate Publisher

Two new development projects were recently endorsed at the August 24, 2021 Pass Christian Planning Commission meeting. The first new development was proposed by Watters Architecture which involves the property located on the East Corner of Market and Second Street.

The proposal is to subdivide the property into 12 individual lots each with a single family residence.

Watters Architecture is proposing to develop the property using a type of house referred to as a “Sideyard House.”  This refers to a building that occupies one side of the lot with the combined setbacks on the other side.

In a document provided by Pass Christian City Planner Bill Spivey, it stated, “If the adjacent building is similar with the blank side wall, the yard can be quite private. This type permits systematic climatic orientation in response to the sun or the breeze.”

According to Spivey this project required two variances due to minimum width changes in the zoning code that occurred during the master planning process.

Since this involved her company, Commissioner Leah Watters recused herself.

The Commission voted unanimously 5-0 to support this development. Absent from this meeting were Commissioners Kenny Welch, Ollie Bailey and Michael Lizana

Additionally, the Commission voted unanimously to endorse a project submitted by Edward H. Wikoff, AIA Architects, agent for Gary D. and Susan E. Heisey at 741 Everett Street.

According to Spivey this was simply a courtesy review because “by right” the owner could go ahead with the project without presenting it to the Planning Commission.

Spivey then presented the Commission with proposed changes to the current Development Code (it used to be called the Smart Code).

Commissioners were encouraged to review the proposed document and to forward their questions directly to Spivey. The proposed text amendments are on file and available for review at the Building Code Office at City Hall, 200 West Scenic Drive, Pass Christian, MS.

After Commissioners have had a chance to review and offer comments about the proposed changes, a Public Hearing will be scheduled whereby citizens will be given an opportunity to make public comments.

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