Gazebo Gazette

This past summer, under the leadership of Coach Alexandra “Ally” Gaspard and the guidance of OLA Sponsor, Theresa St. Mary, the Our Lady Academy (OLA) dance team captured the silver medal from the Universal Dance Association (UDA) Regional Competition held at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL).

The prestigious victory qualifies the team to compete in the National Dance Association (NDA) Nationals in March of 2022 in Orlando, Florida. In addition, the team of Caydee Fletcher, Kimber Pennell, Caroline Dufrene, Kaila Seymour, Katie Pennell, Aubrey Canzoneri, Callie Fletcher, Ava Schmitt, Sophie LeBoeuf, Elizabeth Kerner, and Addison Moore earned numerous outstanding individual and team accolades.  

The team’s home routine, choregraphed by Coach Gaspard, took 1st place in the overall event; captured the standout style award; and, earned the technical excellence award for their high-energy number. They were victorious in commandeering the coveted Spirit Stick and the team of Kaila Seymour, Callie Fletcher, Kimber Pennell, and Aubrey Canzoneri claimed the ‘All-American’ title.  

In the individual events, Kaila Seymour merited the ‘Top Gun’ competition for her dynamic leaps and jumps. Both Katie Pennell and Aubrey Canzoneri were honored with the ‘Pin It Forward’ pin which is bestowed to participants who exemplify congenial and sportsmanship characteristics.

Team captain, Katie Pennell with co-captains, Kaila Seymour and Callie Fletcher were the recipients of the gold medal for their outstanding leadership qualities.

“I am loving this new job as the OLA dance team coach. Camp was such a great experience for the team; the girls learned so much about dance as well about each other. I am very pleased with all of the hard work these girls put in. I am so proud of every single one of them. None of this would be possible without Theresa St. Mary. Her support for this program has been phenomenal and I appreciate her,” expressed Coach Gaspard. “I look forward to a great season and we all cannot wait to compete in state and at nationals.”