by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

Erosion, destruction of barriers on the shoreline, and large amounts of sand on Highway 90 have become synonymous with living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast during hurricane season.  After the recent Hurricane Ida, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors have taken a quick, proactive approach in cleaning the 26 mile sand beaches across Highway 90.

“The contractor (Looks Great Services) started cleanup last Thursday and we began last Tuesday,” said the Harrison County Sand Beach Executive Director Chuck Loftis.  “We will begin midweek working in Long Beach and east of there.”

Hurricane Ida was the sixth costliest tropical cyclone on record in the United States, having caused at least $50 billion in damages.

According to Loftis, crews are working as quickly as possible to return the beach to a safe condition.   The section of beach from DeBuys Road to the Coliseum Pier in Biloxi is now open.

Once the sand beaches are clean and available for public access, the rules remain the same:

  • No tents or structures during the hours of darkness unless approved by the
    Sand Beach Authority
  • No glass, china, or pottery
  • No motor vehicles, except those permitted by the Sand Beach Authority
  • No animals of any kind
  • No firearms, air guns, or bow and arrows
  • No fireworks, except by permit approved by the Sand Beach Authority
  • No fires, except those permitted by the Sand Beach Authority
  • No advertising, except those approved through the Sand Beach Authority
  • No loud or unusual noise

Updated status of the Harrison County Beaches and the water quality status will be provided by The Gazebo Gazette.