Gazebo Gazette

The Port of Gulfport is pleased to welcome Dole’s newest container vessels, the “MV DOLE MAYA” and the “MV DOLE AZTEC” to Gulfport. The two vessels were named to recognize the indigenous people of the region that these vessels will serve, carrying Dole’s fresh exports to the Southern and Central United States.

“For over 56 years, Dole has been a prominent member of our business community, bringing quality fresh fruit to our region on a weekly basis,” said MSPA Board President E.J. Roberts. “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Dole and to welcome their newest fleet of vessels to Gulfport.”

Dole Food Company, a world leader in the production and delivery of fresh produce, having operated an owned fleet of vessels since the 1920s, began constructing containerized reefer vessels in 1989. Since then, Dole has continually modernized its fleet to adapt to the demands of the market, delivering the highest quality fresh fruit and meeting, if not exceeding, international environmental standards.

“The introduction of both the DOLE MAYA and DOLE AZTEC into our vessel fleet marks one more way we are providing fruit with a reduced carbon footprint in our operations,” stated Nelson Montoya, president of Dole Fresh Fruit North America. “These vessels are not only very economical in fuel and energy consumption, but also meet the strict present-day emission mandates that demand a substantial reduction in CO2, SO2 (SOx), and NO (NOx) gases. Modernization of our fleet’s carbon emissions is one part of The Dole Way promise.”

The two new state-of-the-art vessels can accommodate 900+ reefer containers (FEUs) and are equipped with machinery that is not only very economical in fuel consumption but also meets the strict present-day emission mandates that demand a substantial reduction in pollution.

“As the Port continues to work on new initiatives to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, it is encouraging to see our customers implement new technologies that will reduce their emissions within the port,” expressed Roberts. “By optimizing resources, we look forward to continuing our business partnership with Dole and fostering more awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship.”

Dole has operated a terminal in Gulfport since January 1965. The company currently leases 31 acres on the Port’s West Pier, which includes just over 158,000 square feet of refrigerated and non-refrigerated warehouse space.