by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

One common theme for the last two administrations has been correcting the drainage throughout the “Friendly City” of Long Beach.

At a recent debate on August 17 in a Long Beach Board of Aldermen meeting about flooding issues on Saratoga Drive/Alverado Cove Ditch inside of Daugherty Subdivisions, two options were given by City Engineer David Ball for improvement.

The first option would remove the obstruction (shed) in the easement, thereby removing the fence, 15″ culvert, and drainage box.  The disposal of debris would lead the cost of this improvement at $1000.

As the next option was given, some specifics were added to this project.  Installation of two 24″ culverts in 10′ easement was mentioned with construction of a ditch in the easement for the second option.  Additionally, the Public Works Department would not be able to perform this work with a current work order and tight space constraints, therefore the estimate would be the result of a third party contractor.

With the installation of two 24″ culverts, the removal of trees in the 10′ easement, and relocation of third party utilities, the total cost for the second option was $17,500.

After the board deliberated about specifics, the city of Long Beach adopted option #2 on a 4-3 vote with Aldermen Patrick Bennett, Donald Frazer, and Timothy McCaffrey dissenting because of the difference in funds.

On September 7 Board of Aldermen with a motion to reconsider, the reconsideration of the vote was brought to the floor again.  One bit of information different from the previous vote, was the shed was placed before Long Beach annexed the land years ago from Harrison County.

The aldermen heard the health concerns from subdivision resident Jill Cibene and about how she was attempting to watch flooding issues for living in the area nearly two decades.

Long Beach Ward 3 Alderwoman Angie Johnson changed her vote this time to remove the shed from the easement on Saratoga Drive and install an open ditch.

This drainage issue is one of many and several questions about money, residential concerns, or how public safety should be reviewed.