Associated Press

Some Mississippi households currently getting supplemental food benefits will be eligible for additional funds next month because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mississippi Department of Human Services said in a news release Friday that households will get benefit supplements up to the maximum benefit amount, based on household size. For example, the maximum benefit for a two-person household is $355. A two-person household authorized to receive $200 for the month will get an additional $155 — the maximum amount that sized household could receive.

“All households will receive additional pandemic emergency benefits up to the maximum monthly benefit, per household,” Bob Anderson, Executive Director of MDHS said. “Over 421,000 Mississippians will experience increased capacity to provide for their daily nutritional needs.”

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program households already certified to receive the maximum benefit amount will not receive an additional supplement, the department said.

The additional benefit will be available Oct. 2. For households newly approved this month, the supplemental benefit will be available two days after case approval.

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