Gazebo Gazette

Tropical Storm Ida is forecast to move northwest into the Gulf of Mexico tonight, continue northwestward and intensify Saturday, and impact coastal Louisiana and  Mississippi on Sunday as a Category 3 Major Hurricane.  Impacts to Harrison County include rainfall of 10+ inches, storm surge of 7-11 feet, winds gusting to hurricane force, and possible short-lived tornados.

Friday, August 27 at 9am, the city of Long Beach (“Friendly City”) issued a proclamation for a state of emergency.  Long Beach Mayor George Bass released a statement declaring as “the undersigned Mayor of the City of Long Beach, Mississippi, as Chief Administrative Officer of said City, does now find, determine and adjudicate, that conditions of extreme peril to the public health and safety of the citizens and property in the City of Long Beach, Mississippi, do now exist, caused by torrential rain, flooding, wind and storm surge damage and other related disastrous consequences created by Tropical Storm Ida, anticipated to become Hurricane Ida by landfall on or about August 29, 2021; and said conditions warrant the proclamation of a civil emergency as defined in Section 45-17-1 of the Mississippi Code, Annotated.”

Additionally, the Long Beach School District posted a notice on social media that they were in close communication with EMA officials as well as monitoring weather forecasts.

No word about the first Long Beach High School football game that is supposed to played tonight at Hancock High School.

Separate from Ida, a Flood Advisory in in effect until 1:15 pm today, and a Flash Flood Watch is in effect until 10 pm.  A Hurricane Watch and a Storm Surge Watch remain in effect for Harrison County.

River Flood Warnings have also been issued for the Wolf, Biloxi, and Tchoutacabouffa Rivers for Sunday and Monday.