by Brian Lamar, Assignment Editor

Stef Jantz is a disabled Navy veteran, but that hasn’t seemed to slow her down at all.

After leaving the Navy, she opened her Bagel shop last September.

Every day, she drags herself out of bed well before the roosters even think about clearing their throats and starts her routine of making fresh bagels in a dozen varieties.

Before Bagels Bees was established, Jantz would go to work at her Navy job and use service members as guinea pigs to perfect her recipes. One thing she could count on is that they would be brutally honest with her if a flavor combo wasn’t working.

In September of last year, she opened her doors on Beatline in Long Beach and she has been selling out daily.

“The response from the community has been overwhelming. We feel so supported by the community,” Jantz said.

Although Jantz started off with bagel offerings, she also perfected her giant cinnamon rolls.

Things went a little haywire when that happened. Jantz was in cinnamon roll heaven or hell, depending on the perspective. Saturdays became bagelgeddon.

Jantz was pumping out nearly two dozens bagels.

Customers were getting upset because no matter how many cinnamon rolls Jantz pumped out, she couldn’t make enough.

The supply and demand scales were askew.

Eventually, word became gospel that Jantz just didn’t have enough cinnamon rolls and the demand died down.

Jantz now only bakes a few dozen each Saturday because people just assume that she is going to be sold out.

The great cinnamon rolls market collapse of 2020 has leveled off her sales.

My advice is that people call and pre-order or call before they come.

Jantz’s other creation that is making a big buzz at Bagel Bees is the grilled cheese offerings on bagels. You can also get the grilled cheeses on Texas toast or sourdough.

The day I came in to try the grilled cheese selection out, I was feeling adventurous. I tried the “Getting’ Figgy With It” which is a bacon, gouda and fig preserves grilled cheese on a blueberry bagel. It was heavy.

The combo of flavors created an unexpected flavor explosion that was so satisfying.

Jantz also has another 10 variations on her grilled cheese offerings like the Jalapeño Popper, The South, Montecristo, Cuban Twist, Clog Your Arteries, or Hot Italian Heart Attack.

People also rave about her muffuletta bagel too.

Jantz’s shop is open Tuesday through Saturday. Most days I stop in around breakfast time.

I get a simple Asiago bagel with melted butter.

It is light and satisfying and holds my carb craving at bay all day.