by Calvin Ishee, Associate Publisher

In keeping with standard operating procedures, Saturday, August 14 at 4pm, a special meeting was called by the city of Pass Christian.  The mayor and board of aldermen declared a state of emergency.

Pass Christian Fire Chief Dwight Gordon provided an update on Tropical Storm Fred and currently predicted the storm’s landfall in Eastern Louisiana or Western Mississippi Gulf Coast on Monday.

Although the storm has weakened, still projected to have heavy winds and a few inches of rain.  Regardless of the storms predictions, the city and emergency management recommend to prepare accordingly.

Filling your vehicle with gas, picking up enough water and food to last for 3 days is advised.  The city will offer sand and sandbags off Clark Street and blockades will be up for areas prone to flooding.

Of additional concern is Tropical Storm Grace, which is right on the coattails of Fred.  Meteorologists are already predicting that the storm will turn into a hurricane in a few days.

Residents have been advised by the city to take these storms with full precaution, as either one may turn for the worse.

Stay tuned to The Gazebo Gazette full updates on both Storm systems.