by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

After a lengthy presentation by Long Beach School District Transportation Director and Safety Manager Shane Rutledge, the School Board of Trustees authorized the proposal given to begin seeking bids for replacing the track and providing turf at the Lumpkin Magee Stadium.

According to Long Beach Certified Financial Officer Amber Geiser, the school district will use a portion of the funds given by the state to replace the track, but will need more for new turf and replacing the water line.  The school district was given $500K, but a rough estimate for this was $1 million based on the presentation.

School Board President Tim Pierce stressed that priorities should be put into place for all school district buildings, but if funds were already set aside, the proposals should begin soon.

Following the agenda, Long Beach Superintendent Dr. Talia Lock reported that 132 students were being monitored while 20 under quarantine due to the recent breakout of the Delta variant from the global pandemic (COVID-19).  The board granted Dr. Lock the ability to emergency authorization for minor adjustments in the school district policy.

Since last week, the Long Beach School District issued an indoor mask mandate inside all school buildings.

In other actions, the board heard the plans of a new Career & Technical Education (CTE) facility from the Director; Patrick Bennett.  He gave the location, size, and the amounts of students and faculty that would benefit from the facility.

Construction of the facility will happen soon, once the wetlands and mitigation are determined by the architect and the funds were granted through the state.

Finally, the City of Long Beach Engineer Joe Culpepper spoke to the board about a city proposal correcting the drainage between Commission and Harvest Roads.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14 at 6pm.