Gazebo Gazette

In their annual review of water systems around the state, the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) gave all four public water systems operated by the Harrison County Utility Authority (HCUA) perfect scores for providing clean and high-quality drinking water to its cities and their residents.

The three categories of the MSDH inspection include technical capacity, managerial capacity and financial capacity, with a 5.0 being the highest possible score for each category. All four systems under the watch of HCUA received perfect 5.0 scores in the 2021 fiscal year, which is the fourth-straight year the utility authority has received perfect scores for all systems.

In addition to the recognition from the MSDH, the Mississippi Water and Pollution Control Operators’ Association has nominated the Keegan Bayou and South Woolmarket water reclamation facilities for their annual “Plant of the Year” award. The statewide honor is given based on outstanding contributions to the cause of water pollutions through excellence in wastewater operations.

HCUA Executive Director John Wilson praised the work of the team at HCUA for their devoted and tireless efforts to provide clean drinking water to the residents of Harrison County.

“I want to praise our team at HCUA for all of their work. Even during these unique times, our staff has given 100 percent to ensure that our cities and residents of Harrison County have clean drinking water,” said Wilson.

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