Gazebo Gazette

On August 31, 2021 Sheriff Troy Peterson announced that the Harrison County Sheriffs Office along with other local Law Enforcement Agencies have been receiving complaints from citizens regarding phone scams where the caller is using real officers names demanding money for outstanding warrants.

The caller identifies himself as a deputy with the Harrison County Sheriffs Office and instructs the victims that there is an active warrant for the victim and the victim is to send money via Venmo. These scammers are able to clone the actual telephone numbers of local Law Enforcement agencies so it appears it is a legitimate call

Sheriff Peterson is advising the public that local Law Enforcement agencies will NOT call and solicit money regarding active warrants for individuals. If someone receives a call from these individuals it is a “SCAMand NO money should be sent by any means to anyone. 

Sheriff Peterson advises that citizens can report these scam calls to their local Law Enforcement agencies but DO NOT send money in any form. To report a scam call the Harrison County Sheriffs Office at 2288960678