by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

Despite the beliefs, conspiracies, or sabotage from any form of government in the United States which is being spread throughout the world by misinformation, everyone should have or be in the process of taking the COVID-19 (coronavirus) vaccination.  There is no other way to end the spread of the pandemic but to take one of the FDA Emergency Used two vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna).

Historically, vaccines do not have extremely high efficacy (or potent) rates; such as the polio which was in the mid 60% rates.  Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had a 95% efficacy rates after first being released and 88% with the flood of the Delta variant.

Let me say this again:  95 or 88 percent rates compared to the polio, common flu, or the measles vaccines that don’t even come close.  Every human being has potential medical conditions that may cause different scenarios once you take any vaccine.  Consultation with your primary care physician advice should happen before anyone ever takes a vaccine.

According to Yale Medicine study, “researchers report that the vaccines were equally effective across a variety of different types of people and variables, including age, gender, race, ethnicity, and body mass index (BMI)—or presence of other medical conditions. In clinical trials, the vaccines were 100% effective at preventing severe disease.”

As far as it goes with the vaccines working against virus mutations (Delta), the study showed that both vaccinations were 96% effective on preventing hospitalizations.

For those that claim, “Why is the vaccine not perfect?”  Every human being has a different immune system, which is why every shot acts differently.  Once again, no one should take a shot without consulting their doctor first.

Finally, our hope is within our children; to believe that we will leave something great for them.  Being an American, that is a virtue that we strive off of; trusting in a better future.  Therefore, everyone should believe that taking a shot as a way to help our children prosper.

The Delta variant is more contagious, will lead to more hospitalizations, and can affect children easier.  Kids who are unvaccinated have 2 1/2 times a chance to get the virus and can contract this from adults with a blink of an eye.

Masks, social distancing, and sanitizing are great methods, but the only solution for any step towards a cure and ultimate herd immunity are taking the vaccines.  Let’s end the “4th Wave” for the sake of our children.