Gazebo Gazette

Due to a fire at the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority recycling facility on July 15, 2021, the Harrison County Utility Authority (HCUA) and solid-waste partner, Waste Management, announced on Thursday that all recycled materials collected curbside in Harrison County will not be processed at this time until the facility is repaired.

The recycling facility, which accepts and processes recyclables collected from HCUA residents, sustained damage from a fire that will cause a closure of the facility for an estimated one month. During this time, Waste Management will continue its curbside collection service, but the recycled materials will not be processed until further notice.

“Recycling is an important part of our solid-waste service,” said HCUA Solid Waste Coordinator Alan Lane. “Unfortunately, the fire at the Emarald Coast Utilities MRF will adversely impact our recycling efforts for an interim period until repairs are complete but not our collection efforts. We look forward to getting back in full operation soon.”

HCUA is proud of the work of Harrison county residents and the growing participation rates in the recycling program across the county, and it urges the residents to continue to participate at this time. The curbside collection will continue on regular schedules.

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