by Kirk Kimball

While other parts of Pass Christian have grown after Hurricane Katrina, Ward 3 continues to struggle.  It is time for a change.  I implore to the voters of Ward 3 to choose a new Alderman.  My candidacy is born out of necessity.  It is the result of voters who have been neglected and unrepresented for the most part of 16 years. Sixteen years is the amount of time between a newborn and a high school junior.  That is the amount of growth that should have been impacted in 16 years.

I ask for four years.  In the coming four years, I commit to being a full-time Alderman.  I will be available to Ward 3 when you need me.  I promise to hear your voices and to consider your ideas.  I will continue to patron your businesses.  I will work to bring recreation to our ward for the children.  I will try to ease building codes in order to promote economic growth; this includes businesses and housing.  I will beautify our community and remove derelict homes.

I will improve infrastructure and clean ditches.  I will maintain lower taxes.  I will keep government accountable while encouraging community involvement and entertaining forward-thinking.  I will make the hard decisions and not abstain from voting.

I will not abandon you.  I will be with you before and after the storms.  I will work for you… this is the promise that I can keep.

Those who have gotten to know me better through this campaign know that I am not doing this for a job or for the extra income.

It has everything to do with wanting to help Pass Christian.  It is for the love of my community that I have put myself in this position.

It is my sincere desire to see my community progress so that our children can have a positive environment to flourish and prosper.  I want to see my elders enjoy their golden years in a place they can continue to be proud.

But it cannot happen if our community remains stagnate, or worse yet, begins to devolve.

Every election year is interesting.  But this year has been very exciting in Ward 3.  Reconnecting with many people that I have known since my childhood has only reinforced my reasons for running.

And I hope that I have reinvigorated your hopes for a better Ward 3.

I have worked hard during my campaign.  But know that I will not quit after the campaign.  I will not attempt to squeeze four years of work into two months of campaigning.

This is only the beginning.  But it must begin with you and your vote.  Please be that change that we need. The time has come.

Please vote Kirk Kimball for Alderman, Ward 3.