Gazebo Gazette

In an effort to promote more efficient debris collection around the county, the Harrison County Utility Authority (HCUA) announced that solid waste partner, Pelican Waste and Debris, is adding additional routes to the HCUA service area. Solid waste is defined as the type of waste that is placed curbside that is not placed in the household garbage or recycling bins such as leaves, limbs, furniture and other authorized items placed curbside.

The new routes come after the cities and county have seen an increase of 3,800 homes served since 2017, which has led to an increase in solid waste collection of 800 tons per month on average. The new routes will begin immediately and will run for the remainder of the year throughout the HCUA service area.

In order to help with collection service, HCUA has released solid waste collection guidelines that can be found on online at The guide will help residents and the workers of Pelican work together in cleaning up debris across the county.

HCUA also reminds its residents that all solid waste will be collected on the same day as their weekly garbage and recycling collection days. If residents are unsure what days those are or they are new to the area, an updated map can also be found at