by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

After six years as the Long Beach School District (LBSD), Superintendent Dr. Jay Smith said goodbye last Tuesday night in the board of trustees monthly meeting.  Through progress, the pandemic and personnel in the school district, Dr. Smith expressed good thoughts about his experience with Long Beach.

Dr. Smith will begin serving as Superintendent of the North Pike School District on July 1, 2021, where he once served as assistant superintendent.

LBSD Board President; Tim Pierce, stated “Dr. Smith has more than met the board’s lofty expectations over the past five years and praised Smith’s leadership in helping Long Beach maintain an “A” rating for five consecutive years, passage of the school bond issue, building of the new high school, building of the new tennis court facility, and improving the safety of all campuses with the hiring of two School Resource Officers and installing new safety doors, windows and lighting at each campus.”

In other actions, the school district heard from the newly appointed Career and Technical Education (CTE) Director; Patrick Bennett, about receiving state funds to create a new facility adjacent to Harper McCaughan Elementary School.

“I think it’s the only opportunity that we’ll have to build a stand alone facility,” expressed Bennett.  “Definitely feel we need to take advantage of this, the tricky part will be with the recurring costs since there will be some needed staff jobs, but letting everyone know that we have received the funds.”

Pierce conveyed the school board emotions about the need for a vocational program to help the district create a trade for kids not interested in attending college.

In Dr. Smith’s last actions, the superintendent recommended to the board of trustees approving the Director of Finance’s request to approve the 2021-22 budgeting calendar, which scheduled the public hearing for June 8 and setting the adoption meeting date.  This action was unanimously approved and the deadline for the budget is July 1.