by Pass Christian High School

The Iconic class of 2021 has wrapped up their last year of high school. Friday, May 14th each of the graduating seniors of Pass Christian High School will walk across the stage and receive their well-deserved diplomas for their hard work and efforts. 

This graduating class has had to endure so much over this final year of their high school career.  The global pandemic, a storm ragging out of the gulf and a multitude of untimely events couldn’t stop the fight in these students. And fight is what they did!

Every year across this country young people are fighting to become the very best version of themself and fighting to achieve the most from what our educational system has to offer.

We are extremely proud to recognize the two students of this year’s class who have fought the elements of academic rigor, endurance and a world wind of obstacles to lead the 2021 Pirates as the heads of the class.

These two students have fought for four years to land the honor of being call the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of this year’s graduating class.

Having the highest, class rank and highest academic achievement over four years gives that student the distinction of being named the Valedictorian.  And with that honor, that student will deliver the closing or farewell statement at the commencement ceremony. This year’s top honor goes to none other than Van Truong.  Kyle Foretich, this year’s Salutatorian, delivered the first speech of the night.

Van and Kyle deserve a round of applause for their fight to the top amongst a stellar class of distinguished young men and women who have been nothing less than Iconic.

Van explained that the top honor wasn’t really a competition because of how their class was so welcoming and everyone tried to help each other succeed. 

“Personally I didn’t feel like I was competing. I was trying my hardest to do what I knew I could do.  And pushing others to do their personal best.”

Van will be attending Mississippi State University to study Environmental Economics in Management. Her future plans are to go into consulting for Environmental Policy or work for the EPA in regulations.

Here is what Van had to say when asked to give advice to young students fighting for excellence. “Learn study skills that work for you.  Effective study skills are really important because you may not get the results you want because you’re not doing it right.  Realize that school is not everything because your stress and mental health is very important. Learn to prioritize your mental health and to prioritize in general.”