by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

For Long Beach and Pass Christian municipalities, Tuesday’s primary vote could change the way both cities business is done.  Location for the voting polls are listed below in each ward.


  • Ward 1 – Methodist Church, 208 Pine Street
  • Ward 2 – Presbyterian Church Education Building, 208 South Burke Avenue
  • Ward 3 – Hardy Hall Ballroom, USM-Gulf Park Campus, 703 E Beach Boulevard
  • Ward 4 – Police Department Shelter, 201 Alexander Road
  • Ward 5 – Grace Lutheran Church, 19221 Pineville Road
  • Ward 6 – Long Beach School District Central Office, 19148 Commission Road

*The aldermen in Ward 3, 4, and 5 are unopposed so the only candidates that will be on the ballot are for Mayor and Alderman-at-Large.  There are no candidates or other political party executive committee in Long Beach, so everyone who votes will be casting their ballots in the Republican primary.  Therefore, the candidate that wins the primary will be the individual who takes the seat.


  • Ward 1 – Cornerstone Baptist Church, 1410 E Second Street
  • Ward 2 – Main Fire Station, 808 E Second Street
  • Ward 3 – City Hall, 200 W Scenic Drive
  • Ward 4 – Fire Station 2, 707 W North Street

*The alderman in Ward 4 is unopposed and the Ward 1 race will be contested in the June 8 general election, so the only candidates that will be on the ballot in both precincts are for Mayor and Alderman-at-Large.  Outside of Ward 2, every candidate on the ballot will be Republican.

Election law in Mississippi says you can only have one vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary.  If you vote in Ward 2 of Pass Christian, you have a choice to vote either in the Democrat or Republican primary, but you can’t choose both.

The Gazebo Gazette will be following both municipality elections, as the polls open from 7am and close at 7pm.