by Brian Lamar, Assignment Editor

Felder Rushing, who is an eleventh-generation gardener and horticulturist paid a visit to the Long Beach Farmer’s Market at the Harper McCaughan Town Green on April 17 during a Mississippi Public Broadcasting roadshow.

During the roadshow, Felder and his band of MPB support staff are traveling to 13 locations around Mississippi.

“MPB is for all Mississippians. Because we are in Jackson, we tend to be Jackson-centric. We get comments from listeners from people who say, well you never talk about what is going on in Iuka. We did a thing in Pascagoula yesterday (April 16) because nobody goes to Pascagoula, but it is a cool little town and people came to that location. We are trying to get around to all parts of the state and take it on the road,” said Rushing.

According to Rushing, COVID affected the show by not allowing MPB personnel to hold public events.

“We have been cooped up like everybody else. We decided to take it on the road. Our goal was to keep it real informal and attempt to do it in outdoor locations. We are visiting 13 locations and trying to keep in smaller venues and touch every corner of the state and places in between,” Rushing explained.

The response to Rushing’s visit was overwhelming. “The crowd here was thick and they were enthusiastic. I talked with a variety of people from garden club ladies and military wives. It has been nice talking to the people instead of preaching to the choir,” said Rushing.

Rushing, who has a degree in Horticulture and has written more than 30 books on the topic shared his philosophies on the topic of gardening to an attentive crowd.

“I am just some old guy trying to have a good time. I have written 30 something books. The more I learn about horticulture, the less important it is to my life. Horticulture is trying to achieve a goal. Gardening is just enjoying the journey. I am a retired horticulturist. I know all the rules. If someone wants to do this or solve that. We can come up with solutions with horticulture. But a lot of people just want to enjoy their life. No one has to win a ribbon to enjoy gardening. Gardening is what I preach, horticulture is just the science behind it,” Rushing explained.

Each week, gardening enthusiasts can tune in Friday mornings at 9 and Saturday mornings at 10 to the Gestalt Gardener on 90.3 MPB Think Radio. Listeners can call the program to ask Felder questions.