by Brian Lamar, Assignment Editor

During the 25th annual Superintendent’s Academic Awards at the West Harrison Civic Center, April 14, students who have achieved academic, athletic, and overall excellence were recognized.

Throughout the evening’s ceremony, top freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike were three students were honored for their hard work and dedication.

The highlight of the evening was the set of special awards. These were the Hall of Fame inductees, the Star student, and teacher awards, and the superintendent’s four-year academic awards.

The Student-Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) is an honor commissioned by the Mississippi Economic Council to encourage scholastic achievement among the state’s high school students recognizing them for their academics and ACT test achievements. The award is bestowed to a school’s seniors with the highest ACT scores and an overall grade average of 93 or more.

When a school has more than one senior with an ACT score of 35 or more in addition to a qualifying grade average, each receives the star distinction.

This year, Savannah Hicks, Austin Lam, and Jack McDonald were all three recognized for their achievement.

The three stellar performers chose star teachers. Star teachers are the teachers who have been recognized as having the most impact on their academic careers thus far.

The Star teachers are Justin Greer, Aimie Chambliss-Dunaway, and Martha Johnson.

Also, as a surprise award, Austin Lam was recognized for having an ACT score that placed him in the top 20 in the entire state of Mississippi.

“It feels really good. I just feel really honored about this. I was not expecting this. I think hard work is the greatest secret to success. A lot of people toss aside the idea that effort can get you places,” said Lam.

Lam is planning to attend a university to study physics.

“I have always been really interested in discovering how things work like an underlying structure or underlying system. Physics is the natural field for that. It is the study of everything basically. The math in it and the concept in it is beautiful,” Lam explained. Lam currently hasn’t chosen a school to attend after high school.

Each year, six seniors are selected for the honor of Long Beach High School Hall of Fame inductees.

The students are chosen by a panel of teachers who feel they have contributed the most to LBHS through their involvement with sports, clubs, and services to their school. The typical inductee will have been noticed for leaving a lasting impression or legacy on the school.

The Six student inductees voted into the Long Beach High School Hall of Fame for 2020-2021 are Macy Barkum-Robinson, Lauren Bennett, Andrew Bishop, Samantha Gundlach, Emma Hughey, and Austin Lam.

During the ceremony, the announcement of the Superintendent’s four-year academic awards.

These awards are given in the four court areas os social studies, science, math, and English. Each student that received one of these awards has been noticed for working diligently in a core area of study throughout their entire high school career.

Samantha Hicks —English

Austin Lam — Science

Jack McDonald — Math

Jack McDonald — Social Studies