by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

During the recent Long Beach Board of Trustees meeting in mid-April, a new administrative team for the school district was announced by the current Superintendent; Dr. Jay Smith, who will be leaving his position on July 1.  Additionally, during this public notice of the 2021-22 administrative change, the principal of Long Beach Middle School; Dr. Timothy Holland was recognized after submitting a letter of retirement to the board.

Dr. Holland began his career in the Pascagoula School District in 1992 as a teacher and baseball coach where he served in the same role for 14 years before moving towards the administrative role in 2006 at Picayune Junior High.  The following year, he came to the Long Beach School District and has been in an administrative role ever since.

While standing and speaking, Holland expressed the reason for the school and the district success was because of the quality faculty and staff throughout Long Beach public schools.

After announcing the retirement during his report to the board, Dr. Smith announced the new administrative team for the schools; including Johanna Hughey being named as the Long Beach Middle School Principal, Kathryn Standish as Quarles Elementary Principal, Brian Rolison as the Harper McCaughan Elementary Principal, Patrick Bennett as the CTE/Vocation Tech Director, and Rus Badeaux as the Athletic Director/Alternative School Principal.  Badeaux position was a combination of two positions created by the Superintendent.

Two final concerns that were tabled during the meeting were the adoption of the 2021-22 school handbooks and to grant the right of way easement.  Due to the need for additional modifications to the current handbook and having a deadline of May 1, several school board members approved a time for review of the option to come back before to authorize the final copy.  Secondly, school board attorney; Jim Simpson, acknowledged that there were a few problems in the agreement and for the board to allow the ability to change a few legal items in the request.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for May 11th at 6pm.