by Calvin Ishee, Associate Publisher

Many of our readers have become huge fans of the country music super star trio Chapel Hart. These beautiful and talented ladies have not only captured the hearts of Pass Christian residents, they’re beginning to capture the hearts of an entire nation. Chapel Hart recently began an aggressive concert tour that is sure to expand their ever growing congregation.  They’ll be performing in 13 states throughout the South including other states such as Maryland, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Missouri.

The Gazebo Gazette was blessed to have another opportunity to interview the ladies for the second time. Although there were many more questions asked during the interview, space prevented us from offering the full interview. Perhaps in another edition?

Gazebo Gazette:  What does the City of Pass Christian mean to you?

Danica Hart: “There’s just something about Pass Christian. Pass Christian just opened their arms and it felt like home and we were so well received. Pass Christian just treated us like it was our home town and it was super easy to feel like this was our second home. It truly does feel like family and we want say a great big thank you to Pass Christian.”

GG:  Mary-Catherine Scriber, owner of our very own The Whiskey Bar has been a huge supporter of yours, what does she mean to each of you?

Devyn: “MC is honestly just the best thing ever. The first time I met her she gave the biggest hug like I’ve known her my whole entire life and she was so nice. Honestly she’s done everything she could to help us so far and we’re just appreciative of her.”

Trea: “Every now and then you cross paths with people that inspire you to do more or be better or put the best of you out that you can.  She’s the kind of person that whenever we needed something in the past no matter how crazy it seems, she would always make it happen. It’s kind of inspiring as a woman entrepreneur in general just watching the way she does what she has to do to get things done.”

Danica: “I don’t know if I have the right words to say about her. Even at the video premiere of You Can Have Him Jolene video I said in my speech, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the right words to describe or thank MC for all that she does for us. Because she took a chance on us when we were still these young saplings in the music industry and she saw something in us and she saw that drive in us. She would often tell us how great of a job we were doing and how hard we were working. She said that’s what I love about you ladies, you’re not afraid to put in the work. Also along the way she would give us helpful tips. She’s one of my favorite mentors and I not only consider her not only a mentor but a friend. There’s so much that she’s done for us we just couldn’t begin to tell it all. We just want to say a great big thank you to her, she’s really the reason why we have such a close relationship with Pass Christian.”

GG: Do you prefer performing in a small intimate setting with a crowd off 100 or less or do you prefer a large venue with a loud and raucous crowd?

Trea:  “There’s something about an intimate setting because I feel like during those times we get to make real connections and make fans that become friends which become family and we get to expand our circle that much wider”.

Devyn: “I think I used to be on the side of smaller intimate settings, but since I’ve broken out of my shell, I’ve kind of grown to like the bigger more high energy shows.”

So as Chapel Hart continues to head to the top, Pass residents can follow them on Facebook, their website at and via updates from The Whiskey Bar.

 Furthermore Chapel Hart fans will have several opportunities to catch them on the Mississippi Gulf Coast: April 24th, 100 Men Hall in Bay St. Louis and May 8th at The Whiskey Bar in Pass Christian.