Gazebo Gazette

St. Vincent dePaul Catholic School participated in the American Heart Association’s “Kids Heart Challenge” in March. PE coach, Allison Voiron coordinated the school’s efforts. She promised an extra PE class each week until the end of school to the class that raised the most money. And the American Heart Association had an incentive – for every $50 a student raised, his or her name would be entered into a drawing for a drone!

Students could collect donations from family and friends or ask them to donate on-line. St. Vincent dePaul students broke a record for the most money raised in the whole state. From March 5th to the 19th, SVdP students raised over $27,000 for the American Heart Association! In addition to that, two (2) students each raised over $7000 by themselves! They are Alec Schmitt in 4th grade and Ashton Gamboa in Kindergarten.

Liz Young from the American Heart Association attended the school’s morning assembly (lovingly referred to as “Prayer and Pledge”) to announce to students and staff that St. Vincent dePaul raised the most money in the entire state and to praise the students’ efforts. Third grader, Caroline Ruoss, won the drone. And Ms. Young announced that the two students who raised over $7000 each would receive a drone as well. And Mrs. Martin’s Kindergarten class is the winner of the extra PE classes.

St. Vincent dePaul students and staff are proud to have been able to help the American Heart Association in such a big way – especially in a year racked with Covid-19.

The school recently began holding “Prayer and Pledge” in person again after it being virtual for most of the school year. Students were separated by class and masks were worn by all in attendance.