by Brian Lamar, Assignment Editor

Long Beach Alderman-at-Large:  Donald Frazer v. Allen Holder

Donald Frazer didn’t grow up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but in the early 90s, the draw of its beauty beckoned him to be a resident.

Actually, it was a combination of the beauty of the coast and a certain girl who would later become his wife.

Frazer, who attended William Carey on the coast to play soccer and study business management from 93-98, would eventually leave his Louisiana roots to form new ones that run as deep as the Friendship Oak.

Rounding out the end of his first term working to take care of Long Beach, Frazer is campaigning to run again for Alderman-At-Large.

Frazer hopes voters will look at all the progress that has occurred in the last few years and place their trust in him to continue that success.

“One of the things I am most proud of is how we were able to develop a better drainage system through improvements and upgrades,” said Frazer.

“Working with Jackson and D.C., bringing in $1.5 million of upgrades to the infrastructure was a big win that will benefit everyone.”

Although Frazer found a big win with the drainage upgrades, there is still more work to be done that looms over the current class of city leadership’s heads. One outstanding project is the Beatline Parkway project.

Frazer acknowledged that he could not have accomplished many of the tasks alone. He prides his relationship and partnership with community members and other champions of Long Beach.

“One of the high points of my term was working with Richard Bennett to get about a million dollars worth paving projects money,” said Frazer. “We are in the middle of more upgrades to infrastructure and development and I am looking forward to seeing the casino come to fruition.

According to Frazer, a casino in Long Beach would put a minimum of $2.5 million of revenue into the school district, which would alleviate funds requirements, pay off the current bond in record time and help current resident contributions via tax dollars stretch further and provide Long Beach with capital to do more.

Although Frazer is in favor of a new casino, he realizes that there are some who are wary of the development.

“There is a lot of fear regarding the casino. It is the fear of the unknown. One thing that impresses me about a casino is the security. You can’t scratch your head anywhere on the property without security seeing it,” Frazer said.

Frazer also feels that the casino would have other lasting ripple effects on the community in positive ways.

“It would likely grow our police force by adding two patrolmen and another investigator,” he said. “This would result in better response times, better equipment and would ultimately help affect homeowner’s insurance in a positive way fiscally. We are possibly looking at about $700 of insurance savings a year per home,” said Frazer, who has operated on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the past nine years as a licensed insurance producer with Arde Insurance Group.

Frazer has enjoyed his last four years serving the people of Long Beach and hopes voters allow him to continue.

One of his proudest achievements other than infrastructure upgrades was being one of the founders of the Long Beach Live concert series, which is a free concert series that brings in between 800 to 1000 people into town to dine and party each month.

“I want to see Long Beach move forward. I love this town. I love the people of Long Beach. It has become my home. I want to see my children go out and be so proud of Long Beach,” expressed Frazer.

“One of the things I love about Long Beach more than anything else is that you can’t drive through town without waving to five people you know,” he explained.

According to Frazer, there are just too many positive things about Long Beach to count, and he realizes there will always be negative things like high taxes.

“Let me help alleviate those things with smart developments to offset those taxes. We want cohesive growth that is smart and beneficial for all,” he said. “I will continue to ask our business owners for advice. These are the people who have already invested in our town with their life savings, blood, sweat, and tears. Their lives depend on how this city is doing. They are the real heroes of Long Beach,” Frazer added.

Allen Holder wants your vote for Long Beach Alderman-At-Large.

Running on a campaign of experience and tried and true dedication in the role of Alderman-At-Large for two consecutive terms, which included the dangerous and uncertain future of Long Beach after Hurricane Katrina.

“One of my proudest moments as Alderman-At-Large was being able to be a ground zero getting the city back up and running after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina,” Holder said.

Holder parallels some of today’s events with the recovery and rebuilding of the Long Beach Harbor after it was heavily damaged by Hurricane Zeta.

“A priority of mine will be to get the harbor repaired and give the people of Long Beach that resource back,” he said.

Holder also hopes for the opportunity granted to him by the voters to be a good steward of public funds and improve quality of life in Long Beach.

“Drainage is a continuous issue in Long Beach. There are multiple projects for improvements around the city. I want to help see those projects completed,” Holder said.

According to Holder, other than infrastructure improvements, he believes that a well-rounded portfolio of industry will help Long Beach along the path of progress.

Tourism, new businesses, and casinos are part of a diverse stream of revenue he would like to see come to Long Beach to help stabilize the economy in Long Beach.

Holder’s previous duties as Alderman-At-Large was shared with his day job of selling cars.

This time around, Holder believes that his recently retired status allows him to put full-time effort into the position.

In Holder’s previous stint as a government official, he was embroiled in a modern-day equality discussion to add diversity to the Long Beach School Board.

In 2002, alderman Allen Holder’s vote to appoint his brother to the school board also drew some public objections during a time that the city was attempting to appoint an African-American onto the board.

In 2006, Holder realized the change in the financial landscape due to Hurricane Katrina and reversed his previous position of publicly opposing a casino in Long Beach.

Holder looks forward to Long Beach’s future and feels he is the best man for the job and would like another opportunity to get see Long Beach progress.