by Pass Christian Community Development

Tuesday’s Town Hall meeting was a great opportunity for voters to get to know their candidates. It was not a debate. But, different perspectives were revealed. All candidates agreed that Pass Christian has the best schools and is the best place to live on the coast – if not anywhere. 

However, the last city plan was completed in 2006, which detailed how the Pass could recover from Katrina. While many things were accomplished, now, 15 years later, the Pass needs community development and more openness to keep residents informed and involved.  

With the primary election less than two week away, it boils down to this. Residents who want to see Pass Christian develop a new vision, one that would take the city to the next level and best serve the current needs of its citizens and community development, should choose Jimmy Rafferty and Calvin Ishee.

On the other hand, residents who like the way things are and believe the Pass is already on the right course, would be best served by Adam Pace and Ken Torgeson. They plan to continue the status quo. 

Instead of a leisurely retirement, Jimmy is committed to spending the time and effort to re-energize and revitalize this gem of a beachside community. The Pass needs to attract people who will support small businesses.

As a human resources professional for a Fortune 100 company for many years, Jimmy has acquired the skills that Pass Christian needs: leading people, collaborating with companies and workers, managing multi-million dollar budgets, negotiating with businesses, opening new business locations and promoting an inclusive workplace in order to get the best ideas, recruit new employees and retain employees. 

As Pass Christian’s reporter for The Gazebo Gazette for the past four years, Calvin Ishee is well informed on the inner workings of the mayor and board of aldermen. He understands the importance of transparency and being consistent with code enforcement and the Smart Plan. 

Calvin pointed out currently unrealized recreational opportunities for all citizens, from children to seniors. By utilizing city gyms, the Randolph Center and open space, we can form city leagues for basketball, soccer, baseball and cheerleading. By working with the recreation director, the school board, the Boys and Girls Club and community volunteers, we can offer much more activities to our residents such as ballroom dancing, line dancing, yoga, jazzercise, and so on. 

In conclusion, we hope everyone will get involved, learn about the candidates and vote on April 6.