by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

Several questions have been raised about new candidates that are attempting to run for city positions in the upcoming April 6 political party primary and the June 8th general election.  The primary concern for these candidates is what do they offer to their respective city.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has a lot to offer the state; especially within each municipality, and should not be overlooked at the value of what each alderman, city councilman and mayor bring to the table.  As the second largest county in the state and one of the highest revenue producing counties; per capita in the region, each candidate should be measured by their ideas and policies in Harrison County municipalities.

Even though certain requirements are to be regulated; such as residence and voting status, legal procedures and political executive committees normally make this determination.  If interested in this matter, there’s no cost at either affiliation and they have numerous vacancies all the time.

Bottom line:  Politics is not fair except at the ballot.  Money, corruption, and liars will always be a part of political races.  Democracy is best decided in the booth.

Coalitions, unions, civic associations and groups of residents were powerful because they made a difference in the ballot booth in the past.  Candidates that participate in this community service before and after elections normally can acknowledge the needs for citizens.

The reason America has always been the “land of the free, home of the brave” is because we make our decisions as a community together on the ballot rather than by the court room or political party committee.