Gazebo Gazette

As spring approaches, students and teachers at DeLisle Elementary School (DES) are enjoying the warmer weather in their newly installed outdoor classroom.

The outdoor classroom is located near the school’s garden and includes five picnic tables with space for students to engage in learning activities.

There are plans to expand the outdoor classroom to include a deck and covering in the near future.

Additionally, Students at DES are demonstrating their commitment to excellence not only in the classroom, but also in their efforts to lead and support healthy lifestyles.

Physical education classes recently participated in the American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge and raised $1,635 that will help fund cardiovascular and stroke research, public health education, and community outreach.

The online fundraiser also encouraged students to complete daily health challenges and join the “Family Move More Challenge.”

Students learned about what it means to have a healthy heart and discussed how their choices will affect their heart health.

DES students truly are “Heart Heroes!”