U.S. Navy Public Affairs

Police Chief Donald Dudley slipped into the Naval Construction Battalion Center Chief of Police role discreetly late last year in October during a cascade of personnel changes in the department due to retirements of personnel with little fanfare and that’s the way he likes it.

Dudley, who is described as a powerful spirit by coworkers and friends, is highly regarded for his experience, his professionalism, and his demeanor.

“It is hard to have a bad day while you are sitting next to ‘The Motivator’,” said Ron Perry, a recently retired assistant security officer for NCBC who worked with Dudley for the better part of a decade. “Dudley is truly an inspirational person who is highly motivated and has come up through the ranks starting from the security department’s entry-level positions.”

Dudley, who is a life-long public servant dedicated to law enforcement and the betterment of his Navy family believes that the lessons instilled in him by his father Willie Dudley from an early age have propelled him through life.

“I love my father. My father made sure I grew up with values. We can come to the job and work with a lot of different people. My father always taught me how to be a man and how to be respectful and how to carry myself as an individual,” said Dudley.

According to Dudley, his father instilled in him his work ethic by allowing him to get his first job at 12 years old. Dudley has been working in some form ever since.

Dudley spent 26 years in the Navy, starting his career as a Machinist Mate at Navy Station Mayport on the USS Saratoga. After roughly a decade, Dudley transferred into the Navy rate, Master at Arms.

As an MA, Dudley worked his way up to Senior Chief Petty Officer before retiring from military service and being hired as a civilian federal law enforcement personnel at NCBC. According to Dudley, once he reached his military retirement, he wasn’t through making a difference. He knew early on that he wanted to stay a part of the Navy and continue his service. “I am here to motivate the junior Sailors and share my experience and knowledge and try my best to have a good time while doing it,” said Dudley.

Dudley is a quintessential American success story. Growing up in an economically repressed area of Louisiana, hard work and dedication sprinkled with a boatload of motivation has been his recipe for success.

“I just put my best in everything I do. My father wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I started off as a gate guard and worked my way up to patrolman, then to Captain and section watch commander. Now I am honored to be the Chief of Police,” Dudley said with a smile big enough to drive a bus through. “It ain’t never been about the promotion. I am just here to work hard and have a good time with my Navy family. Whether I am a gate guard or the chief of police. I am going to have the same motivation and respect for everyone around me,” he added.

During Dudley’s time on NCBC, he has seen the security department go through highs and lows, but he feels like this is a comfortable and happy home.

“This place is awesome and it is very family orientated. The people on this base are great. I have been lucky enough to work with two outstanding base commanding officers Capt. Hansen and Whitmire. They were very supportive and I enjoyed working with them.

As the new police chief, Dudley looks back on his career at NCBC and recalls a high point in his time here.

“The highlight of my career here is meeting and working with Katie Morrison. She is such a professional who respects others and truly cares about the mission. She is motivated and works hard to bring up others around her,” he said. “We handled multiple stressful things over the years like gate runners and other security issues and Sgt. Morrison was always there with the experience and personality to get us through it,” he said.

Dudley isn’t all work and no play. Dudley’s favorite pastime and a deep-rooted love of sports derives from his original goal to play in the NFL, but life is what happens when you make plans. Due to personal events, his football career was cut short while playing at Grambling State University.

He loves to watch LSU and the New Orleans Saints. Outside of COVID, Dudley’s other love is traveling with his wife. Once COVID lifts its oppressive weight off of society, Dudley wants to visit his daughter in Hawaii and play on the beach with his grandchildren.