Gazebo Gazette

Pass Christian School District and special education technology leader; TeleTeachers, revealed a groundbreaking partnership for a Vision Pilot Program within the department for the schools.  The 2-tiered program is a new addition, aimed at assisting the school district’s students with visual impairment (VI) in schoolwork and learning independence both in the classroom and remotely.

Rob French; Director of Special Services for Pass Christian School District, says that even with the district’s contact of an on-site provider in assistance, they looked to TeleTeachers to develop a multi-faceted program that would include a virtual learning program.

“What we looked at was being able to leverage technology to go from devices that we would use in a classroom to something that would be more portable that the students could use in their homes and the community,” said French.  “We found we didn’t have any VI technology experts on-site, and so we began to consult with the TeleTeachers to work towards filling that need.”

TeleTeachers was excited to have the opportunity to help the Pass Christian School District meet their goals of removing communication barriers for the parents and enabling more student independence.

French said that he would advise that if other school districts are considering launching a program like this, they should identify the needs of their students first.