Gazebo Gazette

Gulfport man Clyde Fitzgerald Blocton was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the sexual battery of a 5-year child in the Second Circuit Court of Mississippi on Friday.

After previously being convicted by a Harrison County Jury last week after a 2-day trial, Circuit Judge Christopher Schmidt sentenced Blocton to serve 25 years without the benefit of early release or parole.  

At the sentencing hearing; Fran Daniels, the Victim Assistance Coordinator from the District Attorney’s Office, read a letter aloud from the victim’s foster parents. The foster parents emphasized how the defendant forever changed the child victim and informed the Court that the child victim remained in fear that the defendant would come find her and hurt her again.

In rendering the sentence, Judge Schmidt advised that “there are two categories of people in society deserving of more protection than others, the  elderly and children.”

Although the court acknowledged that Blocton had no previous criminal history,  Judge Schmidt suggested that there was “some truth to the saying that victims are victimized twice – during the act and then testifying about it.”  

“There is no excuse for these predatory crimes against children in our community,” said Second Circuit District Attorney W. Crosby Parker.  “I am  thankful that we were able to end the criminal prosecution for the victim, however, we acknowledge  that damage at the hands of the perpetrator cannot be undone.”

Given the nature of the crimes, the sentences will have to be served day for day without the eligibility of probation or parole and once released Blocton must register as a sex offender.