Calvin Ishee, Associate Publisher

The Board voted unanimously to approve a grant agreement with the Mississippi Development Authority under the Gulf Coast Restoration Fund (GCRC) with Nicaud Holding, LLC. The agreement includes $750,000 from GCRC, a 20% local match of $150,000 from the City and $7.1M in private investment.

As previously reported by The Gazebo Gazette, the project is expected to include hotel rooms, retail outlets, restaurants, swimming pool and an amphitheater and will be located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Scenic Drive and Market Street.

Appointments approved by the Board include Leah Waters to the Planning Commission, replacing Adam Pace, with a term ending January 2025; Kenny Welch to the Planning Commission replacing Ken Austin who asked not to be reappointed with a term ending January 2025 and Don Demetz to the Historical Preservation Commission with a term ending December 31st, 2022.

After years of research the City has moved forward with automating their City Ordinances.  For an investment of $8,000 the ordinances will be updated and moved from paper copies to being available online. Instead of having to visit City Hall to gain access to ordinances, residents will be able to view them from the comfort of their home.

Taxpayer money was approved to be spent on repairs to the Fire Department’s training facility in the amount of $6,500 to West Coast Handyman & Construction; $3,800 to Weaver Electric for new light bulbs and light pole repair at the Pass Christian Recreational Softball Field and a Claims Docket of $119, 447.91.

The City approved a request from the American Red Cross to use the Randolph Center on Tuesday, March 23rd 2021 for a Pass Christian Blood Drive. Blood donations are always needed but even more so during these extremely challenging times.

The Pass Christian Library was given approval to use Memorial Park on October 2nd 2021 for an educational festival about butterflies and monarchs. The event is designed to help educate the public about Monarch butterflies and how our community can help preserve and protect them. Both events have agreed to follow all CDC COVID related guidelines.

In an addendum to the meeting the BOA accepted the resignation of Jenny Nicaud as the Municipal Judge Pro Temp effective February 28th, 2021. Nicaud was recently appointed by Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves as an administrative law judge for the Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission. No announcement was made regarding a time frame for replacing Nicaud.

Due to the Municipal Primary election being held on Tuesday, April 6th, the first Board meeting in April has been moved to Monday, April 5th. No public comments were offered and the meeting adjourned in just over an hour.