Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) tries to throw as he is brought down by New Orleans Saints defensive end Trey Hendrickson (91) in the first half of an NFL football game in New Orleans, Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020. He was called for intentional grounding on the play. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

by Hunter Dawkins, Publisher

As someone who has been around the game of football for virtually my whole life, I have become disturbed by the recent Brady Effect that has been mentioned among locals.  Individually, I have played, coached, or covered football games from either a professional, collegiate, prep, and recreational point for over 30 years.

The Brady Effect is the idea that the National Football League (NFL) Tampa Bay Buccaneers-future Hall of Fame Quarterback Tom Brady orchestrated a team to help him win his record-setting seventh Super Bowl without wearing a New England Patriots uniform.  New England was the team Brady won six Super Bowls with for 20 years, but reportedly had no power in the personnel matters.

Some NFL media and fans were known to refer to him as a “system-quarterback” because of the lack of experience with other coaching staffs until this year.  Furthermore, Brady was compared to National Basketball Association All-Star Lebron James, who had a similar personnel experience with the Los Angeles Lakers after they won the championship last year.

Many of the youth that play in recreational, high school, or collegiate games have seen the performances from professional athletes and are interested in being a part of only winning programs.  Some parents have welcomed these ideas from their children and made attempts at becoming part of playing decisions.

There are multiple reasons these attempts from youth and parents are wrong, which decrease the value of the sports and the lessons that sports are supposed to teach.

As a former player that’s career ended in college, the principles and lessons I learned from team camaraderie stayed with me throughout my life.  Although; I don’t remember wins or losses well, I miss the experience and the knowledge received.

Secondly, coaching was never about personnel.  Anyone who participates in an aspect of teaching should only be concerned with the process rather than what comes after.

Finally, reporting sport contests has become an adopted field of study that provides numerous stories for my career.  The effort from the current personnel matters at every level of the game will stand out if it doesn’t match.

The key point amongst all youth to be remembered is this:  These are professional athletes, who have only been fortunate to make these decisions because they have built their lives behind the specific sport.

Enjoying your peers and being a valuable teammate means more than your overall talent.