by Brian Lamar, Contributing Writer

During the recent Long Beach School District (LBSD) meeting Tuesday night, six people were recognized by the board as nominees to the school district’s Hall of Fame.

Annually, individuals are selected based on their long-time dedication and service to the students, teachers and staff of LBSD.

The nominees approved were:

*Connie Cole, Martha Hart, Lisa Russell, Lori Dukes-Sims, Vivian Lee Ward and Tim Pierce.

Pierce, the current president of the school board commented on his nomination.

“I am so blessed to be able to serve the citizens of Long Beach. I really enjoy what I do. We have been able to accomplish a lot in the district and there is a bright future going forward. Long Beach always finds a way to pull through. It is an honor to be nominated and I appreciate it,” said Pierce.

In other actions, during Hurricane Zeta, the LBSD baseball fields received extensive damage to the fencing around the sports complex. The board approved an emergency purchase to approve construction of new fencing.

According to comments from the board during the meeting, the need for an emergency expenditure was due to the rapidly approaching baseball season opening games. There may not be enough time for the board to get through the normal contract awarding process.

The board also discussed previously approved budget expenditures for hurricane-related tennis court damage. A $5,000 construction project will begin Jan. 18.

“We are very much looking forward to seeing Long Beach compete on the courts again,” said Pierce.

Before the conclusion of the meeting, the board reviewed and approved personnel matters previously recommended by the superintendent and a memorandum of understanding between Long Beach School District and Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources that will become effective Feb. 1 until July 31.

The board ended with discussion and approval of incoming superintendent Dr. Talia Lock. This contract becomes effective July 1, according to the board.