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Seashore Highlands Retirement Community received a telehealth grant on Friday, January 29th from the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, Grand Commandery of the South, GPA.  Seashore Highlands will be participating in a pilot program for donors to bring telehealth to older adults in the future.   

Seashore Highlands is partnering with an organization called It’s Never Too Late (iN2L), see www.iN2L.comThe iN2L tablet is preloaded with over 1,000 pieces of content that are expertly designed and curated just for senior citizens.  Elders will enjoy exploring, learning, having fun, nurturing spirituality and improving wellness with games, puzzles, movies, audiobooks and more.  

The telehealth program will be carried out by elders and team members at Seashore Highlands using 

SM-T510 Samsung Galaxy (10.1 inch) tablets.  These tablets can video call any type of phone, not just iPhones/iPads, which make them more accessible to elders and their families. 

These tablets can even call a flip phone, which brings those with low technology into a new world of possibilities.  The video chats can be used for social connection but also for clinical assistance with physicians, counselors, therapists (OT, PT, ST).  Family members can participate in the clinical call (if the elder gives permission to do so) without having to leave their home or office. 

“We believe these tablets will be tools for better continuity of care for elders,” said Jessica Laney, Seashore’s Executive Director.       

Seashore Highlands is thankful for the opportunity provided by the Order of St. Lazarus to make the lives of our elders better, particularly in these most unusual times of COVID-19.

Methodist Senior Services (MSS) is proud of its 50 year-old tradition of providing housing and services to older adults in Mississippi. It has one mission: to serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love.

900 plus employees and 1,600 volunteers make that mission their prime focus. Today, MSS serves more than 1,800 elders in our 12 independent living, assisted living, personal care and skilled nursing care retirement communities, with campuses that range from almost the Tennessee line to the Gulf of Mexico.

Since 1984, Methodist Senior Services has sought to serve the Gulf Coast region and the elders through services such as Seashore: Gulf Oaks, opened in July of 1984, and Seashore Personal Care, opened in November of 1994.

“Our Order is pleased to provide assistance to elders during this difficult time of global pandemic,” said Chris Daniel, MS Representative, Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, Grand Commandery of the South, GPA.  See Laney stated, “Providing these tablets will continue a healthy lifestyle, with physical, mental and spiritual assistance for elders in Harrison County.” 

Seashore Highlands Retirement Community serves elders through Assisted Living, Memory Support, a Green House Home (, and Retirement Villas. For more information about Seashore Highlands, call us at (228) 831-7000 or visit our website