Gazebo Gazette

Long Beach Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2021 Chair, Michelle Kinsey, Building Services Supervisor at Mississippi Power.

Michelle earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management Information Systems and graduated with honors from The University of Southern Mississippi.

Michelle currently manages all Conference Services operations. She also directs the General Services Facility Specialists who help maintain MPC’s corporate facilities.

She is responsible for the planning and execution of corporate events.

By redesigning and centralizing the company’s waste and recycling service contracts, she was able to decrease Waste Management, Inc. costs by approximately 30% per invoice.

She is responsible for managing budget activities to fund operations and increase efficiency for Conference Services and has oversight and ownership for waste and catering services contracts for MPC.

Others serving on the 2021 Long Beach Chamber Board of Directors are:

*Chip Vonder Bruegge:  Past Chair, Regions Bank

*Nacol Palmer: Board Member, Keesler Federal Credit Union

*Kelly Griffin: Board Member, Harrison County

*DeNita Palumbo: Board Member, Crunch Fitness

*Donna Lishen: Board Member, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Shaw Properties

*Mia Stallings: Board Member, Hancock Whitney

*Colette Byrnes: Board Member, The University of Southern Mississippi

*Jessica Robinson: Board Member, Sparklight

*Stephanie Mathes: Board Member, The Corps Network

*Pam Sanders: Board Member, Bacchus Wine & Liquor

*Robin Buch: Board Member, Southern Living Assistance Services

*Jessica Sekinger: Board Member, The First, A National Banking Association

*Guy “Tanner” Montella: Board Member, Coast Roast Coffee & Tea

*Leigh Anne Biggs: Liaison, Long Beach School District

*Shelda Jones: Liaison, Long Beach Community Development Association

*Jennifer Glenn: Ex-Officio, The First, A National Banking Association

*Angela Bowell: Ex-Officio, Quality Engineering Services, Inc.

*For more information regarding the 2021 Board of Directors of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Visit or call 228-604-0014 for more information.