Gazebo Gazette

Second through fifth grade Explore gifted students at Pass Christian Elementary School spent the past week diving deep into the engineering and design process.

The students were given several STREAM challenges to creatively problem solve in a small group.

The first challenge was to design and build a mini Mayflower (sail included) that could carry the greatest load of pilgrims (pennies) without taking on water using the materials provided by their teacher.

The students were able to achieve success and many groups were able to transport over 80 of the 102 pilgrim passengers.

Then, they participated in the STREAM challenge that had them design and construct a shelter (including 4 walls, a floor, a roof, and a chimney) that would protect the Pilgrims who had traveled to the New World!

The shelter would have to be strong enough to withstand the highest wind speeds of a New England winter storm (box fan). Students brainstormed a blueprint plan of construction and made a list of materials needed to build the Pilgrim home and complete requirements of the challenge.

Many student groups were able to design, test and improve their shelter design and ultimately protect their Pilgrims.

The final challenge of the day was the great Turkey Tumble. Fourth and fifth grade Explore students were given an egg (turkey) to protect from a 10, 20, and 45-foot drop.

Thanks goes out to Chris Boston with Mississippi Power Co, Bay St. Louis Branch for providing a bucket truck that our turkeys could tumble from!

Out of 7 (teams) turkey tumble egg devices built and tested, 2 groups achieved the ultimate success by having their turkeys survive the 45 – foot drop!

Second and third grade students also participated in the great turkey tumble by designing a protective packaging device that could protect their turkey (Pringle) from a 2 story drop – 3 teams out of 6 achieved the ultimate success by having their turkey – Pringle survive!