Pass Christian School Board of Trustees President Margaret Jean Kalif delivers oath to recently appointed school board member, Halle Ricketts on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020. (Hunter Dawkins/The Gazebo Gazette via AP)

by Hunter Dawkins

Following the oath being delivered to new school board member; Halle Ricketts, the election of Cecil Lizana as Vice President of the Pass Christian School Board of Trustees was unanimously approved with the vacancy left by Scott Naugle.  Lizana was also chosen as the Mississippi School Boards Association Vice President of the Board of Directors late last week.

Pass Christian School District Superintendent Dr. Carla Evers asked the board to extend half-day Fridays for all schools unless the administrations, teachers, or parents had an overwhelming concern.  The Board of Trustees took this under advisement and determined they will discuss this policy at a future meeting.

Addressing the board on the district’s recent audit by the state, Evers mentioned two corrections.  The first was a modification of clerical forms that should be submitted within 5 days and the final was a change in placement of funds.

According to Evers; for the last thirty years, the school district has released scholarship funds to students universities or colleges through funds in their general account.  Distribution of these funds should be given from a separate account setup by the school district, not one that consists of the general fund dollars.

In other actions on the agenda, Pass Christian School District Certified Financial Officer (CFO) Paige Bromen informed the board that the district was recommending to award five contracts, which were unanimously approved.  Two new school buses approved were over $92,000 from Empire and more than $63,000 from Burroughs while the baseball/softball cleanup and equipment was authorized for nearly $40,000.  An awning repair contract was given to Gulf South Metals for more than $12,000.

The Batting Cages for both fields will not be ready for the start of the season; according to Bromen, but the authority to advertise was granted by the school board.

Finally, Dr. Evers thanked all members of families, parents, teachers for their hard work to slow the spread of the global pandemic (COVID-19) over the holidays despite the recent surge.  She gave the numbers for all Pass Christian schools, reporting 38 school cases and only 12 staff.

Additionally, Evers acknowledged 86 fewer students than last year while complimenting Delisle Elementary School for having such a great attendance.

Chief Operation Officer Michael Lindsey concluded the evening by reading a resolution for the Pass Christian School District to Food Service Supervisor; Saundra Isabelle, and her retirement at the end of the year thanking her time of service.